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About Deviant Artist TeraLinkGermany Group :iconsprocket-holes: Sprocket-Holes
35mm Sprocket Holes
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Newest Deviations

TWFM by TeraLink TWFM :iconteralink:TeraLink 0 0 'A!DB!A! by TeraLink 'A!DB!A! :iconteralink:TeraLink 0 0 Omm by TeraLink Omm :iconteralink:TeraLink 0 0
New Deal
«I'm here» he said in a voice so still.
«I heard» she said, «with TIME to kill.»
The street slept silent in darkened dread,
All post lamps cracked & lightbulbs bled.
For they all shuddered when he walked
& burst in RAPTURE when he stopped.
He could not help it; he was born
Of humming wires & thunderstorms.
She could not see his face, his door
Not for 13 years or evermore.
A barber's razor to seal the deal
Would leave his throat naught to feel.
& in the ALLEYS where angels dealt
On his knees he bowed & knelt,
ALL FLAGS flying for nothing less
Nothing more than lavish dress.
:iconteralink:TeraLink 0 0
Runaway Wraiths
Humble Narrator:
Endless moonlight casts long shadows
Upon two hoods, riding far...
Past berry fields of bony gallows;
Mr. Hood (to self):
& Death himself is fast asleep.
I hear clicking, sighing, distant seas.
On the starboard the Stranger's bike it creeps.
O tell me Echo, who doth this be?
Lady Hood (to self):
Who is this Rider who shares my way?
& where did THIS ENDLESS ROAD begin?
Alas, on THIS PATH I shall stay
& see my Demons to the end.
Mr. Hood (to self):
THE PATH diverges up ahead.
A Phantom beckons me with needle, thread-
The COLD RIGHT PATH I shall tread
Until I wake or slumber dead.
Lady Hood (to self):
I know THIS PATH upon which He glides.
Unbeknownst to me yet wont still.
Where we ride I don't know why,
Notwithstanding, I rest my will.
:iconteralink:TeraLink 0 0
Nacer y Mirar by TeraLink Nacer y Mirar :iconteralink:TeraLink 4 0 M.D.M.A. by TeraLink M.D.M.A. :iconteralink:TeraLink 3 0 Armistice Day 2011 by TeraLink Armistice Day 2011 :iconteralink:TeraLink 1 0 25-52 by TeraLink 25-52 :iconteralink:TeraLink 1 0 Lexico Regurgita by TeraLink Lexico Regurgita :iconteralink:TeraLink 1 0 Contented Plane by TeraLink Contented Plane :iconteralink:TeraLink 1 0 The Foundation by TeraLink The Foundation :iconteralink:TeraLink 0 0 'Some Roads You Only See at Night' by TeraLink 'Some Roads You Only See at Night' :iconteralink:TeraLink 1 0 Rail Bull as a Child by TeraLink Rail Bull as a Child :iconteralink:TeraLink 0 0 Wohin Gehst Du? A Donde Vas? by TeraLink Wohin Gehst Du? A Donde Vas? :iconteralink:TeraLink 2 0 'nomad' by TeraLink 'nomad' :iconteralink:TeraLink 0 0
These are my latest deviations. Imagine the frame.

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Random Favourites

Old Submarine by RadoJavor Old Submarine :iconradojavor:RadoJavor 5,343 392
I am the first sign of the apocalypse. I can make
a grown man cry. My children are the second sign
of the apocalypse. Philip K. Dick is my prophet and
right-hand man. I only have one. I only need one.
I am also: the kick of a gun, the kick of a stag,
the kick of a child in your womb
wanting out.
Albrecht Dürer kissed my palms; licked
the stigmata right from my hands!
Prophets are renting rooms in a brothel.
Prophets are giving out prescription medication.
Prophets are yelling loudly at a leper colony, where I am currently vacationing.
Prophets are yelling:
You have blood on your mouth,
You have blood on your mouth!
Oh God, Oh God!
Mountains are on fire.
Seas are rising and rising and
scientists are sitting in laboratories
documenting this. One by one we drown
or eat the sun.
I am placing my fingers in the wounds of my
father. I am placing my fingers in the wounds
of my father. I am placing my fingers in the wou-
nds of my  father. I am placing my fing
:iconbatmanonrobin:batmanonrobin 16 44
Things I Would Like To
I remember the way you used to run your fingers through my hair and say 'birdsnest' under your breath.
We used to sleep beside each other, with only our toes touching because we were not good at cuddling.
I used to count your freckles and your teeth and your breaths in case one day you were found in a riverbed
with water-bugs biting your toes, liquifying your capillaries
and toenails.
I would be able to count your teeth and say "Yes, this is him," and the doctors would say everyone has
such and such number of teeth and I would try to count your freckles but there are a few which are quite
ambiguous. Is that one or two? Is that a pore or a small freckle? Does that cluster count as one or three or a constellation?
I remember kissing you and wishing for the apocalypse. It was a tuesday.
:iconbatmanonrobin:batmanonrobin 31 36
Old Energy verses New Energy by DeloreanREB Old Energy verses New Energy :icondeloreanreb:DeloreanREB 23 2
After you left me I began collecting postcards.
I pretended they were from you but they say:
[A picture of a church in black and white.
'St. John the Baptist' is written in plain text on the bottom.]
Jimmy- April 1, 1957 We miss you. We hope your arms are doing OK.
[Arial view of Hawaii, 'Hawaii- Aloha!' in bright pink cursive.]
Susanne is alright. We had fun in Honolulu.
I hope the kids are doing well. See you in
two weeks!
[A lion roaring, close up, you can just make out his uvula.
'Arizona Zoo' in tiger stripe Helvetica on the top left.]
I am a totem pole!
I am a soldier!
I am a warrior!
or prostitute or or or
[A hilly countryside covered in rows and rows of grapes.
'Shelton Vineyards, Dobson, NC' in neat plum-colored cursive.]
TED, I'm having an affair
and moving to Texas.
[A picture of two body builders, one is a blonde woman, the other is
Arnold Schwartzenegger, they have matching yellow swimsuits.]
LOLZ, ROFL!!!!!1!
[An abstract array of colors, swi
:iconbatmanonrobin:batmanonrobin 9 12
How to Look in the Mirror
Let your mouth be a mouth, dropping open. Let it smile and contort itself.
The way some people smile makes me believe they are polar bears on melting ice caps and
the rest of them look like a growling monkey, trying to say "I have no weapon," but it is clicking its teeth together instead.
You love her the way she is. If you had her you would never even say "Take your
clothes off". You know she is not beautiful underneath those garments. Her breasts
are drooping. She has a scar on her stomach after having her appendix removed
when she was eight. You would not want to ruin your love for her- beginning and
ending with her, no panties, no skirt, blouse unbuttoned and your penis in her
mouth. You both leave unsatisfied because you couldn't stop staring at the cigarette
burn on the inside of her left wrist. You know nothing will ever be as good as her with
all of her clothes on, so you don't kiss her and she doesn't take her shirt off and you
don't see the burns on her ba
:iconbatmanonrobin:batmanonrobin 42 24
Most Improved City Block
You built a house in the welfare neighborhood.
You tore down the forest and piled it into a mountain,
and then you tore down the mountain. I think this was
just for effect. You built that house, surrounded by children,
disease and dead bodies, the way any slum should be.
And then you left without notice, you couldn't understand
the way the children put their arms around the dead body;
put their finger's in it's mouth without flinching; reaching.
Six weeks later your house won 'Most Improved City Block'.
:iconbatmanonrobin:batmanonrobin 3 4
Ja Lublu tebja RESUBMITTED. by TrixyPixie Ja Lublu tebja RESUBMITTED. :icontrixypixie:TrixyPixie 2,620 161 uzi by EffulgentYouth uzi :iconeffulgentyouth:EffulgentYouth 6 1 Light in the Dark by Smattila Light in the Dark :iconsmattila:Smattila 193 71 Spit it Out by Tickedo Spit it Out :icontickedo:Tickedo 1,255 159
These are my favourites. You can look at them if you like.

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It only happens if it doesn't matter anymore... Comes without effort.
Sometimes I get so sad
What I've got & what I had

It's a sad & beautiful world,
It's a sad & beautiful world

Sometimes I just won't go
Sometimes I can't say no

It's so sad in a beautiful world,
It's so sad in a beautiful world

Sometimes days go speeding past
Sometimes this one seems like the last

It's a sad & beautiful world,
It's a sad & beautiful world

TeraLink Was Here!


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